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24 hour Salad…

The Vegetable patch has started production, granted it’s mostly lettuce, spring onions and the odd strawberry at this stage.

I’m a little concerned that the blackcurrant bushes are going to be ripe for the picking during  the time period of our holiday so I’m dithering whether to go ahead and start picking now.  I’m hoping to use the advice I found online, “for jam just freeze them in a bag, it won’t matter that they turn into a big lump“!

I also want to freeze some whole “free flowing like a bag of peas” as it said on one site.  I’m hoping to pick each bunch, freeze on a tray as a bunch for an hour and then pick each individual currant off and bag and freeze.  Seemingly they are easier to pick this way!

In the meantime I spied this recipe for 24 hour salad in my friends charity recipe book.  I was glad of something a little different to help use up my lettuce.  

1 Medium lettuce – (I just used a big bunch of mixed leaves from the garden).

1 cup chopped celery.

4 hard boiled eggs – they aren’t in the picture as they were boiling at the time!

1 cup of diced pepper.  (I just used frozen mixed pepper as our fresh ones are getting as dear as the fuel)

10ozs peas

1 diced onion or 4-5 scallions

2 cups mayo

4oz grated cheese

2 tablespoons sugar.

8 slices bacon, cooked & chopped (optional)  


Layer in order.  If using bacon, layer after the onion.  Add sugar to the mayonnaise.  Cover and refridgerate for 8-48 hours.


I used bacon and scallions and this ended up being a great salad, ideal for when you are feeding more than normal and need a few extra side dishes.

What do you do to use up a glut of lettuce leaves?







Juices, Jams and Cakes galore…


First year to have a yield on my Blackcurrant Bushes.

We’re not ready yet but I’m trying to be prepared.

I have no idea how many we will get but we have 3 bushes.

I’ve googled Jam, Cordial and Cake recipes.

I would love to hear of any tested and tried recipes and storage tips.


Works for me Wednesday


Shannon is hosting a themed edition of WFMW to-day.

The theme is five Ingredients or less.

With the days of frugal cooking ever increasing this is a great chance to get some fresh ideas in the culinary department.

I’m going to link to previously posted recipes – click the links!

Poster by All

Don’t you just love bananas!

Muffins with Banana and Cinnamon   with pictures!

Choc Chip Pudding.  Delicious!

My friend Naomi keeps telling me to make this frugal recipe for All bran loaf – I really do mean to get around to it 😆

Don’t forget about our traditional dish – Champ, very frugal.

Or the not so healthy Ulster Fry, this recipe shows a seven piece fry but we also make the five piece leaving out the sausage and black pudding.


For loads more recipes using five ingredients or less check out Rocks in my Dryer.