Recipe Round up

recipe-round-upjpg.jpgThe Recipe Round up is over at Karen’s this month and the theme is Desserts.

One of my favourite recipes is for Choc-Chip Pudding. It comes under my easy-to-throw-together-on-a-Saturday-night-for-Sunday-lunch category.

You will need: 2 packets of choc-chip cookies, 2 tins of pears, 1 large carton of whipping cream whipped, a dash of sherry or port and chocolate chips to decorate.

Method:Strain the tinned pears into a bowl and add a dash of sherry or port. Soak the choc-chip cookies in this liquid then line a dessert bowl with half of them. Slice the pears and cover the biscuits with half the pears then half the cream and repeat the process again finishing with cream. Decorate with choc chips and refrigerate until needed. Easy. For more ideas on desserts head over to Karen’s.



6 thoughts on “Recipe Round up

  1. Yummy…thanks for sharing – this sounds so much more sophisticated than what I normally do! (sherry, cream, biscuits…so very grown up)

  2. This dessert sounds delicious!

    You have a lovely blog and I look forward to exploring more when I have more time.

    Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments you’ve left on my blog….You’ve blessed my heart. (o:


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