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Food Glorious Food.

Now that the holiday season is over and I have a mo I know I did promise quite a few people to direct them to recipes they requested.

So if you were looking for any of these just click as necessary – 

Naomi’s Cranberry Sausages (delicious) 

Irish Farmhouse Bake

The Apple Challah recipe is here – Thanks to Tammy for that one- I’m still making it!

Jane’s Citrus Cheesecake recipe is here.

I think the Banana Bread I made last week was the best ever – thanks to Crystal for the recipe.

The homebakes for the teachers were these.

The fudge was Carla’s recipe – Thanks Carla. With crushed candy canes and peppermint flavouring.

The Raspberry Ruffle Cheesecake goes like this.


8oz digestive biscuits

4oz margarine

4 raspberry ruffle bars

2 raspberry yogurts

1 small whipping cream

4oz icing sugar.

200g Philadelphia Cheese


Melt the marg and mix with the crushed biscuits.  Press into base.  Cream sugar and cheese. Add rest of ingredients and beat until firm.  Pour into base, leave to set and decorate with an extra bar of raspberry ruffle chopped.

I’ll try to remember to take a pic the next time I make it.

If I left something out that you had asked me to post just let me know.


Blogging it and making it….

Poster by Allposters.com

A friend asked me recently to direct  her to some good cooking blogs.  I only have a couple in my reader though loads of the ladies blogs I read share the occasional nugget of a recipe.  Including Rebecca, Ellen, Kelli and Carla.  And I almost forgot about Karen and this unbelievable recipe – you’d be mad to miss this recipe.

I particularly like The Pioneer Woman Cooks because of the number of photos she includes in her blog posts.  I also like reading Menonite Girls Can Cook for the same reason.   I guess it’s like buying a cookery book I wouldn’t dream of buying one that had no pictures.  Also Kelli produced some lovely recipes for her Seasonal Delights quarterly magazine which you can download from the site.

So what cooking blogs or sites do you never fail to read and why?  Share them with us all please 🙂

Country French Apple Crescent Casserole…

I’ve made this recipe a few times over the last few months and it really has gone down a treat.  A scoop of ice-cream and wow.

Tesco is currently selling the Pillsbury crescent rolls on a 2 for 1 offer.  😉

It might be time to do a few more of those Pampered Chefy thingies !

Top Tip: – Don’t forget the rolls freeze well.

They’ve got a great web-site for ideas.

We’ve also made the Chocolate Macaroon Crescent Bars and let’s just say they didn’t go to waste.

So what’s your favourite use of the Pillsbury rolls then?