Juices, Jams and Cakes galore…


First year to have a yield on my Blackcurrant Bushes.

We’re not ready yet but I’m trying to be prepared.

I have no idea how many we will get but we have 3 bushes.

I’ve googled Jam, Cordial and Cake recipes.

I would love to hear of any tested and tried recipes and storage tips.



7 thoughts on “Juices, Jams and Cakes galore…

  1. Blackcurrant cordial! Have you read the Anne of Green Gables books, Elaine? I can’t think of cordial without thinking of the time that Anne inadvertently gives her friend wine instead of cordial. And gives her enough to cause her to become inebriated! Its such a funny part of the book!

  2. Ellen – no probs!

    Naomi – I NEED that recipe!

    Dorothy – I totally know that part – we did the musical at school so I can so see it too 😆

  3. Hi Elaine,
    Our garage is not a typical garage at all. there is a bottom story that is a shop. Most garages are one story, connected to the house, and if they are detached they are usually just a one or two car garage. I hope that clarifies…

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