English Muffins with Banana and Cinnamon.

This is a simple Breakfast recipe that everyone enjoys and doesn’t take long to make which is ideal for our house 🙂

English Muffins my friends it appears are absolutely nothing like your good old American version.

We do the American style here too but for this Breakfast favourite in our house it’s the English style you require 🙂

I believe they can be sourced in most countries.

They look like this:


So the ingredients needed are these:


a pack of muffins, 2-3 bananas, Ground Cinnamon and Butter.

Slice the Muffins, butter and place the sliced banana inside, then sprinkle with Cinnamon.

CAREFULLY !!  –   Good job we like cinnamon in our house



Heat a good amount of butter in your frying pan and give the muffins a few minutes each side.

Be careful they don’t burn.



Serve while hot…..


Stab them with your fork 🙂


Did you see the empty plate?


Easey peasey

and everyone is happy for another while.  🙂 








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