Monthly Archives: March 2008

My mum’s Lentil Soup.

Saturday afternoon there is nearly always something simmering on the hob.

To-day it’s my mum’s Lentil Soup. I was having a quick blog and found Dorothy’s Split Pea Soup (well actually Dorothy’s sisters Split Pea Soup) and I thought I really ought to add to-days recipe. Even though this isn’t even a Recipe Round-up day!

This is so easy…..


8oz red lentils

3 pints water

1 onion

Piece of Ham/Bacon

Chopped Carrot

2-3 potatoes.

Boil the lentils, water, onion and ham until cooked 1/2 hour per lb.

Remove the Ham. Add chopped carrot and potatoes and pepper.

Boil gently till the veg are cooked.

Blend to required consistency.

Add some chopped parsley.