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Reading Roundabout….help!!!

** This posted has been up-dated due to more recommendations coming in and there are many more suggestions in the comments – Thanks – Keep them coming!! **


I’ve blogged plenty about our church’s Reading Roundabout.

The concept is a number of ladies, a number of months and a number of books.

The books we are reading in the current year are listed here.

It appears I’m going to have more ladies involved for the next years reading and so I’m going to need 15 books.

I’m trying to come up with some books for the next year which although doesn’t start until October, will no doubt be upon me quickly.  

I was wondering if any of you could advise me on your top few books which come into the Reformed Christian category.

This is only our third year of the Reading Roundabout and while I do use the church library and our own books we also buy a few copies each year.

The list so far which is open to change is something like this,


Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges.

Overcoming the World by Joel Beeke.

The Nine Day Queen of England Lady Jane Grey by Faith Cook

Is God past his sell-by date?  by John Blanchard

A path through suffering by Elisabeth Elliot

Shopping for Time by Carolyn Mahanney


other possibilities which I won’t buy all off,  are…..

Stepping into the Shadows by Rosemary Sookhdeo  (I’m not familiar with this book but it was recommended by one of our deacons, you can read about it here).

Heaven at Home by Ginger Plowman

A Chance to die The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael  by Elisabeth Elliot

In my Father’s House by Corrie Ten Boom

Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God by Noel Piper


So can you offer any suggestions?  I normally like a variety of Theology, Biography, Practical Christianity.   

I’d appreciate any help you can give.



(Note to our own ladies:  If you have any suggestions or own any of these books please let me know.  It really would be a pity to use our funds to buy books which are sitting on shelves 🙂  Thanks)


** updated to add **  A few suggestions came via private e-mail, I’m adding them here to keep them together.  Mrs B in Sacramento recommended Humility by CJ Mahanney.  Mrs J in GR recommended Lost in the Middle by Paul D Tripp, Free Grace and Dying love by Susannah Spurgeon and Too wise to be mistaken, too Good to be Unkind by Cathy Steere.

**updated 30th May to add,

Humility by Andrew Murray, The rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by J Burroughs (good one) and War of Worlds by Paul David Tripp were all suggested by contacts on facebook.

Mrs J in the Grand Rapids church who incidentally started the Reading Roundabout concept has suggested a few more, she has just finished Love your Muselim Neighbour by Edward Challen and also suggests God Knows My Size by Silvia Tarniceriu and also The Peacemaker books by Ken Sande.**

Any more?





Summer Fruit Pudding.

I love this recipe, it’s so handy I make it the night before in less than 10 minutes and it’s ready to serve straight from the fridge.

It reminds me so much of an Eaton Mess, I’m claiming it as English.  I’m sure you all have your own versions of this Summer Fruit Pudding.

I’m sure I got this from someone at church, it’s so long since I started making it but if you want credit let me know in the comments!

The Ingredients:

1 box of meringue nests 

1 Carton of Whipping Cream

1 Packet of Marshmallows

1 Package of frozen mixed berries, defrosted. (I use M&S)


Cut the marshmallows into four.  Whip the cream.

Simply layer the ingredients in a glass serving dish.

First the meringues crush about half of them.

Then spread half the marshmallows on top, and half the fruit.

Ending with half the cream.

Repeat this process to use up all the ingredients and decorate and refrigerate until required.

So easy the kids could make it 😉

(This recipe has been posted as part of the Recipe Round-up hosted by Ann at Whatever Things.   Check back on Thursday to see the recipe’s from round the world).



Recipe Round-up – around the world..

Ann is hosting Recipe Round-up this week at Whatever Things it’s all happening on Thursday.

I’ve already posted quite a few Irish themed recipes at this blog so I’m going to link to them again for some ease and hopefully add some more between now and Thursday.

Irish Farmhouse Bake remains to be a firm favourite in this house.  

Farmhouse Vegetable Soup may not be exclusively Irish or even British but I’m sure it’s still very traditional in most farms round here.

Wikipedia has many links to other more traditional meals from Ireland.

This post outlines how we make champ in our house.  Although now-a-days it’s more used as a side dish – years ago it would have been the main meal on it’s own.  I still use it as main meal when I’m having a frugal night.   This is a very good video to show you how to make champ.

Keep cooking,