Books and Reading

Books I’ve read.

This page is very much in need of up-dating, the information is only held here now for my own reference.  Thanks!

Ladies of the Reformation

Women’s Ministry in the Local Church

Humility by C J Mahaney

Christian Living in the Home Jay Adams

Luther and His Katie

In the grip of the Druids.


Overcoming the world.

If my people.

Gunpowder Treason & Plot.

Caught in the Web

Womanly Dominion (I needed to read it again).

Disciplines of a Godly Family.

Stepping into the Shadows

Under the Rainbow

Give me a mountain.

Shopping for Time.

Evidence Not Seen.

Do Hard Things

The Glad Surrender

Age of Opportunity

Hudson Taylor & Maria

The Afternoon of Life.

Lies women believe.

Respectable Sins.

The Hospitality Commands

Singing in the Fire

The God who Justifies

Female Piety

The book which hasn’t been published yet!! It has now by the way!

Through Gates of Splendour

Sickness and Death in the Christian family

Courtship & Dating so What’s the difference?

Following the Shepherd

The full list of this years Reading Roundabout books can be found here.

The Books for October 08 – January 10 can be found here.


I’m hoping this year to read through the Bible Chronologically, I’ve never done this before the method I am using is here.


Books I’ve read before but feel the need to get into again!

Don’t make me count to Three

I’m also keen to read

Treasuring God in our Traditions I’ll probably read it here because it’s free!

John G Paton An Autobiography  In Progress


That’s more than enough to keep me going more than a year I’m sure.

Let me know if you have read any of them 🙂



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