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Enough – Dr Helen Roseveare

Having recently completed Dr Helen Roseveare’s  trilogy of autobiographies (Give me  this mountain, He gave us a valley & Digging Ditches), I was not only delighted to know that she had again put pen to paper but gladly received a copy of her latest book Enough from Christian Focus to review.

Enough is a thorough but  concise look at how in our every day lives, through joys and trials as Christains we need to see that indeed fullness in Christ really is enough.  An excellent read which isn’t time consuming, this work would make for an excellent gift or addition to the church book table.

Dr Roseveare illustrates again from her own experience that wether it’s our Salvation, Assurance, happiness or contentment Christ shall fill all our needs and He will be enough.  One of the most striking features of her writings is her ability to show you Christ even if she is relating her personal experience.  This gift alone (which comes across also in her teaching ministries) makes her writings Christ centred as they ought to be.

In one chapter of the book Roseveare describes how God used situations where she became reliant on others for her basic needs (after having served many years with others relying on her)  to teach her thankfulness and contentment.  While this was a hard lesson to learn she relates it as God being “so patient and kindly as he seeks to lead us on and teach us deeper truths”.

It’s brevity commends this book to the ‘non-reader’.  When I finished reading Digging Ditches I found myself wondering if Dr Roseveare would write again – Praise God she was given the ability and now in her latter years she can look back and say that Christ alone was indeed and is Enough.

Dr Helen Roseveare went to the Congo in 1953.  She has dedicated her life to serving others even in the deep trials of life.  She pioneered vital medical work in the rain forests in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo, and is an internationally recognised speaker with WEC ministries.  She resides in Northern Ireland.

I received a copy of this book from Christian Focus in return for a review – the opinions are my own.