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Mince Cobbler

Last week during one of my “lie on the sofa” sessions I remembered about this recipe – I haven’t made this for years but made it quite a bit when we were first married.

The way my brain is working at the minute the thought of this dish just went round in my head all week and by Saturday afternoon I just had to eat it.  Funny thing was I wasn’t really in the form to make it but my need to eat it was greater than my desire to have another “lie on the sofa” session so I went for it.

It’s an old school recipe so out came the old school recipe file.


I smile every time I get this out – I’m sure it made some of you guys smile too – go on share – what was on your school recipe file?

This makes me laugh even more……..


One of the first recipe sheets we got at school was on how to make tea and toast, boiled egg and porridge.  I particularly like the diagram on how to cut toast into triangles – this type of information is crucial  😆

and so on with the show……

for Mince Cobbler I just start out with Mince, Onion, Carrot and Parsnip.   Cook these in the normal way you would for say Shepherd’s Pie ending up by adding some Bisto for a nice rich gravy.

minceinpanThis picture was taken before I made up the gravy mixture.

Make up the scone mixture for the cobbler.

300gms flour

75gms Margarine

pinch salt

2 x 5 mls baking powder

200mls milk approximately.


Make the scone mixture rubbing in method.  Knead and cut into rounds 1cm deep.  Arrange the scones on top of the mince in a casserole.


I had enough mince and scone mixture to make two – this is the one we ate before  I baked the scones in the oven at 200 C  for 15 minutes.

This is the finished product with the leftovers – Dad got this one as it would never feed our lot 🙂



I would normally just use the round scones but I ended up with quite a bit of mixture and didn’t want to waste it that’s why I cut the scones in half and squeezed them in between the big ones.

I have been eating loads of spicy things recently – this recipe is so plain, it’s great for fussy eaters.  It certainly hit the spot for me on Saturday.

Let me know if you try it 🙂