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Blogging it and making it….

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A friend asked me recently to direct  her to some good cooking blogs.  I only have a couple in my reader though loads of the ladies blogs I read share the occasional nugget of a recipe.  Including Rebecca, Ellen, Kelli and Carla.  And I almost forgot about Karen and this unbelievable recipe – you’d be mad to miss this recipe.

I particularly like The Pioneer Woman Cooks because of the number of photos she includes in her blog posts.  I also like reading Menonite Girls Can Cook for the same reason.   I guess it’s like buying a cookery book I wouldn’t dream of buying one that had no pictures.  Also Kelli produced some lovely recipes for her Seasonal Delights quarterly magazine which you can download from the site.

So what cooking blogs or sites do you never fail to read and why?  Share them with us all please 🙂


Works for me Wednesday


Shannon is hosting a themed edition of WFMW to-day.

The theme is five Ingredients or less.

With the days of frugal cooking ever increasing this is a great chance to get some fresh ideas in the culinary department.

I’m going to link to previously posted recipes – click the links!

Poster by All

Don’t you just love bananas!

Muffins with Banana and Cinnamon   with pictures!

Choc Chip Pudding.  Delicious!

My friend Naomi keeps telling me to make this frugal recipe for All bran loaf – I really do mean to get around to it 😆

Don’t forget about our traditional dish – Champ, very frugal.

Or the not so healthy Ulster Fry, this recipe shows a seven piece fry but we also make the five piece leaving out the sausage and black pudding.


For loads more recipes using five ingredients or less check out Rocks in my Dryer.



Summer Fruit Pudding.

I love this recipe, it’s so handy I make it the night before in less than 10 minutes and it’s ready to serve straight from the fridge.

It reminds me so much of an Eaton Mess, I’m claiming it as English.  I’m sure you all have your own versions of this Summer Fruit Pudding.

I’m sure I got this from someone at church, it’s so long since I started making it but if you want credit let me know in the comments!

The Ingredients:

1 box of meringue nests 

1 Carton of Whipping Cream

1 Packet of Marshmallows

1 Package of frozen mixed berries, defrosted. (I use M&S)


Cut the marshmallows into four.  Whip the cream.

Simply layer the ingredients in a glass serving dish.

First the meringues crush about half of them.

Then spread half the marshmallows on top, and half the fruit.

Ending with half the cream.

Repeat this process to use up all the ingredients and decorate and refrigerate until required.

So easy the kids could make it 😉

(This recipe has been posted as part of the Recipe Round-up hosted by Ann at Whatever Things.   Check back on Thursday to see the recipe’s from round the world).



Works for Me, if it works for you…..

So the story is:

I had an accident with my steamer which could be read as I burnt the back side clean out of it 😦

I’m only sorry I didn’t take pictures before I disposed of my lovely wedding present.

Instead of replacing it I’m planning on putting the money  into a slow cooker.  

I’m not really sure which to go for, I was wondering if anyone could help?

I want large capacity so I’m thinking of something like this.

I’ve also noticed this type where you can cook two things simultaneously, is this a good feature?

If you could let me know which type you have and the best features it has it might help me get over the steamer incident!

Oh and while you’re here, incase I purchase soon, let me know what your best Slow Cooker recipe is that way there are no excuses.

My tip to-day is don’t just replace broken kitchenware think of how you can put the money into something else you’ve always wanted 🙂

Head over to Shannon for more Works for Me Wednesday tips.








My mum’s Lentil Soup.

Saturday afternoon there is nearly always something simmering on the hob.

To-day it’s my mum’s Lentil Soup. I was having a quick blog and found Dorothy’s Split Pea Soup (well actually Dorothy’s sisters Split Pea Soup) and I thought I really ought to add to-days recipe. Even though this isn’t even a Recipe Round-up day!

This is so easy…..


8oz red lentils

3 pints water

1 onion

Piece of Ham/Bacon

Chopped Carrot

2-3 potatoes.

Boil the lentils, water, onion and ham until cooked 1/2 hour per lb.

Remove the Ham. Add chopped carrot and potatoes and pepper.

Boil gently till the veg are cooked.

Blend to required consistency.

Add some chopped parsley.





It’s here at last folks, Rebecca’s Recipe Round-up is being hosted here today by none other than moi and have I got a stack for you.  It’s like a world tour of Breakfast deliciousness and if you live in my house a world tour starts in Northern Ireland!
You ladies have been bashing away at your keyboards and have been loading up my inbox with delicious recipes.  I just can’t wait to try them out.
Oh no, that’s right I have to share them with you all first 😦 
Don’t forget you still have time to send me your best ever Breakfast Recipe and if you send it while it’s still Wednesday with me (GMT) I’ll enter you into a drawing for a cookbook.  You can contact me using these details.
I think most Breakfasts here in Northern Ireland are quite boring with the exception of our Ulster Fry so I’m looking forward to trying some of these: 
My friend Janus who doesn’t host a blog started the ball rolling on my reminder post by keeping it simple with Muesli with a dollop of Yoghurt and a nice mix of fresh fruit on top.  I have to admit I don’t tend to buy Muesli much so this gives me a great starting point.
Laura from Laura Williams Musings has served up some Home made Granola  this recipe certainly appeals to me as all the ingredients are readily available here.
Betsy in Indy blogs The Homeschool Way and has a post up of her very own recipe for Monkey Bread,  Betsy says “It has lots of sugar in it, I guess that’s why it tastes sooo good”.  I suppose we’re just going to have to make it to be sure Betsy!!
It’s Carmel Nut French Toast from The Accidental Pastors Wife who really accidentally decided to take part when she accidentally stumbled unto my blog.  I can hardly type Carmel Nut French Toast without salivating – thanks Juloyes. 😉
Rebecca herself posted a great breakfast tip for Mini French Toast in her reminder post yesterday and then came up with a Home made Granola Recipe with a list of optional ingredients as long as your arm.  I believe a trip to the health food store is definitely in order.
Ellen who is in California, (only, when she isn’t in Seattle)  has a great post up of her Banana Bread.  Nice pics Ellen!
Rosemary at Seasonings of the Heart was one of the many bloggers who loaded up my in box while I was sleeping (because that’s how it works when you live over here) her recipe for Oatmeal Pancakes is a definite must try for this house as we do love a pancake.   Rosemary also included links to her recipe for Fiesta Eggs her version of Home made Granola and also Buttermilk Currant Scones.   As Ellen says in the comments of Rosemary’s post “I think it’s time for me to try making Granola“!
Dorothy who is Kim’s friend, has just started blogging over at Field Stone Cottage (welcome to the world of Blog Dorothy!) I can tell you’re going to be a great blogger by the sound of those Swiss Potato Pancakes.  Delicious.  Go check out Dorothy’s new header.
Karen at Simply a Musing Blog has submitted a Crockpot Recipe Southwest Crockpot Breakfast, it sounds delicious Karen, I’m glad you included it as I am so going to get myself one of those Crockpots one of these days.
My post is up too –  Muffins with Banana and  Cinnamon simple but delicious.  
Adding here as they come in folks:
Kim as (in The Upward Call one) has posted a great recipe for French Toast Casserole.
Kim as in Hiraeth has a whole Scone theme going on at her blog. 
Juloyes is still coming up with the Breakfast goodies with her Ultimate Breakfast Casserole
Juloyes is really enjoying herself folks as she has now posted Whole Wheat Pancakes
Annette sends a link for Cinnamon French Toast Sticks and Sausage.
And just when I thought I had all the recipes gathered Pam sent a whole selection more.
Thanks Pam – no more excuses for cereal and milk ladies!! 
Ladies thanks so much for taking part, feel free to send me any more links throughout the day and I’ll include them in this post.  If any of the links aren’t working just let me know.  Did I forget you??  Just let me know, Thanks.
I’ll do a drawing at the weekend so come back then and see who the winner is.
Now I’m off to have Breakfast  😉
Mummymac – Elaine to those who share Breakfast with me 🙂 
PS  Rebecca still needs a volunteer to host next month.  Let Rebecca know if you can help. 

English Muffins with Banana and Cinnamon.

This is a simple Breakfast recipe that everyone enjoys and doesn’t take long to make which is ideal for our house 🙂

English Muffins my friends it appears are absolutely nothing like your good old American version.

We do the American style here too but for this Breakfast favourite in our house it’s the English style you require 🙂

I believe they can be sourced in most countries.

They look like this:


So the ingredients needed are these:


a pack of muffins, 2-3 bananas, Ground Cinnamon and Butter.

Slice the Muffins, butter and place the sliced banana inside, then sprinkle with Cinnamon.

CAREFULLY !!  –   Good job we like cinnamon in our house



Heat a good amount of butter in your frying pan and give the muffins a few minutes each side.

Be careful they don’t burn.



Serve while hot…..


Stab them with your fork 🙂


Did you see the empty plate?


Easey peasey

and everyone is happy for another while.  🙂 







Recipe Round Up – Reminder… BBB post of ’08


I’ve been a little busy for Blogging lately but I just wanted to remind you about the Recipe Round up which is all happening here, Yes I’m hosting February’s Round-up here at Home But Not Alone and the big day is Wednesday 20 February.

I’m always looking for inspiration in this department especially when I have visitors coming (which I have) so the theme is Breakfasts.

Just to make your mouth water…



(Good old Ulster Fry, sometimes known here as Heart Attack on a plate) !!

There probably are some folks in Northern Ireland who do cook this every day but it’s an occasional treat in our house.


So get your thinking caps on and hit me with enough recipes to feed the five thousand for as many days 🙂

I’m looking for handy, dandy Breakfast inspiration. Give me throw it all together in a few moments recipes and give me the stick it in the oven the night before too.

I can’t wait to see what your families favourite breakfast dish is!


The good news is ……..

I’m following Pensive’s idea and I’m giving away one of my cookbooks (who needs them all anyway) to one participant. To increase your chances of winning, post a reminder now as well as a Recipe post and let me know you’ve done so.

Please make plans to link your recipe here between now and the 20th. When you have posted on your site e-mail me at

elainewallacecalvin at in the usual format or leave me a comment on this blog with your URL and I’ll include you in the BBB – BIG BLOGGY BREAKFAST post of 08!

I’ll keep adding more links that day as I receive them!

Any more questions? Rebecca usually has the answer 🙂

If not just ask in the comments.

See you back here on the 20th,


Daddymac’s all time favourite….



Can I just say that is how we spell favourite here 🙂 and for all those dropping by from Pensive’s blog or Rebecca’s blog, you are most welcome.

The theme for this months recipe round-up is Snackalicious Super Dishes and is being hosted by Pensive who has combined the whole thing with a cook-book giveaway over at her blog. Be sure to check out all the other dishes being served up in the name of good blogging.

As you can see this is the one I make if I need to impress Daddymac…..

A really hand recipe as you just throw it all in the bowl and then throw it in the oven!

Oven-Baked Barbecue Chilli


2lb (900gm) lean stewing beef in cubes

4 cloves garlic, pressed

2 onions, coarsely chopped

2 green peppers, seeded and diced

2 cans (420g each) red kidney beans rinsed and drained

2 cans (420g each) chopped tomatoes, undrained

225ml (8fl oz) passata

175ml (6floz) barbecue sauce

2 tablespoons cider vinegar

2 tablespoons hot or mild chilli powder

Cheddar cheese, soured cream and sliced spring onions, to serve (optional)

Prehead oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. Trim and discard any visible fat from meat, cut meant into 1cm cubes and place in ovenproof bowl. Press garlic over meat, coarsely chop onions and dice green peppers. Add onions, green peppers, beans, tomatoes, passata, barbecue sauce, vinegar and chilli powder to baking bowl; mix well.

Cover bowl and bake about 2 1/2 hours or until mean is tender; stirring twice during cooking time. Serve with toppings if desired. Serves 8-12

I normally double up this recipe and freeze the leftovers 🙂


Let me know if you try it.


While you’re here be sure to read this post about a giveaway I’m hosting here on Monday.




Big Turkey Leggy..

So it’s Work’s for me Wednesday over at Rocks in my Dryer to-day and it’s the Backwards Edition which basically means instead of giving a tip we get to ask for one.
And so…
The season of Turkey and Ham is over it’s time to clear out of freezers of all the leftovers and I have come across 2 of my star buys 🙂
What do you think of this?
Pretty gross, I know.
This Turkey leg weights 4lb, my butcher reckons it must have come off a 35 – 40 lb Turkey. I love the brown meat of the Turkey so I always buy a couple of extra legs. I usually buy 4 but these were so big I restrained myself for the sake of the freezer shelves 🙂
Ever year I do the same thing with these – I just make stew. Normally I fry off the leg in my soup pan and and add loads of vegetables, let it all simmer like for ever then remove the join, take the meat off and return the meat to the stew.
So you know what’s coming – the one shown above is roasting in the oven at the minute as I just couldn’t fit it into any of my pans for stew!
I’ll make stew with it later.
So have you any ideas – what way could I cook the other joint that would be real tasty and something different?
If I use your suggestion I’ll post some photos.
While you are here, perhaps you could also offer a suggestion for cleaning the good old Pampered Chef Square Baker, yes I know all the rules but let’s be honest, it ain’t easy posting such a looking dish on a blog 😉
Thanks for all the advice,
Be sure to check over at Shannon’s for loads of other bloggers looking for advice.