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Blogging it and making it….

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A friend asked me recently to direct  her to some good cooking blogs.  I only have a couple in my reader though loads of the ladies blogs I read share the occasional nugget of a recipe.  Including Rebecca, Ellen, Kelli and Carla.  And I almost forgot about Karen and this unbelievable recipe – you’d be mad to miss this recipe.

I particularly like The Pioneer Woman Cooks because of the number of photos she includes in her blog posts.  I also like reading Menonite Girls Can Cook for the same reason.   I guess it’s like buying a cookery book I wouldn’t dream of buying one that had no pictures.  Also Kelli produced some lovely recipes for her Seasonal Delights quarterly magazine which you can download from the site.

So what cooking blogs or sites do you never fail to read and why?  Share them with us all please 🙂


Works for me Wednesday


Shannon is hosting a themed edition of WFMW to-day.

The theme is five Ingredients or less.

With the days of frugal cooking ever increasing this is a great chance to get some fresh ideas in the culinary department.

I’m going to link to previously posted recipes – click the links!

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Don’t you just love bananas!

Muffins with Banana and Cinnamon   with pictures!

Choc Chip Pudding.  Delicious!

My friend Naomi keeps telling me to make this frugal recipe for All bran loaf – I really do mean to get around to it 😆

Don’t forget about our traditional dish – Champ, very frugal.

Or the not so healthy Ulster Fry, this recipe shows a seven piece fry but we also make the five piece leaving out the sausage and black pudding.


For loads more recipes using five ingredients or less check out Rocks in my Dryer.



Slow Cooker Classic

JP and the kiddos bought me a slow cooker for my birthday.

My procrastination in this area is over 🙂

Anyway I’m having an interesting time trying out new recipes.

I tried BBQ Crockpot pulled Pork during the week.  It doesn’t have to be eaten warm and turned out to be a hit for the lunch boxes.

Highly recommended Southern recipe.


Have a good weekend.






Works for Me, if it works for you…..

So the story is:

I had an accident with my steamer which could be read as I burnt the back side clean out of it 😦

I’m only sorry I didn’t take pictures before I disposed of my lovely wedding present.

Instead of replacing it I’m planning on putting the money  into a slow cooker.  

I’m not really sure which to go for, I was wondering if anyone could help?

I want large capacity so I’m thinking of something like this.

I’ve also noticed this type where you can cook two things simultaneously, is this a good feature?

If you could let me know which type you have and the best features it has it might help me get over the steamer incident!

Oh and while you’re here, incase I purchase soon, let me know what your best Slow Cooker recipe is that way there are no excuses.

My tip to-day is don’t just replace broken kitchenware think of how you can put the money into something else you’ve always wanted 🙂

Head over to Shannon for more Works for Me Wednesday tips.