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Book List available!

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So our next session of our Reading Roundabout starts in October.  

This year we will have 16 ladies taking part and so believe it or not it will run through until January 2010 – if we are spared.

 Does that not seem like forever away?

This is the largest number ever, which made for the largest number of books to be found.

Thanks to all those who helped out in the comments of this post, as you will see from the list your suggestions really were helpful.  If I haven’t used your suggestion this session don’t worry we’re hoping to continue with our Reading Roundabout and will therefore be glad of all recommendations in the future.

On to the business.


Books marked with  * are the ones I purchased with the RR funds this year.



The first two books are commentaries and could easily be used for devotions,

1.  String of Pearls by Richard Brooks.

2.  Shining in the Darkness by Michael Bentley.


The next few books fall into a history/biography category,

3.  Ladies of the Reformation by  J.H. Alexander  Review

4.  The Nine Day Queen of England, Lady Jane Grey by Faith Cook  Review

5.  Give me this Mountain by Dr Helen Roseveare *   Review

6.  Evidence not Seen by Darlene Diebler Rose *  Review

7.  Stepping into the Shadows by Rosemary Sookhedo *   Review

Practical Christianity

8.  Instruments in the Redeemers Hands by Paul Tripp *  Review

9.  Humility: True Greatness  by C.J. Mahaney  Review

10. Growing up Christian by Karl Graustein *   Review

11. Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges   Review

12. Shopping for Time by the Mahaney’s  Review

13.  Overcoming the World by Joel Beeke  Review



14.  A Path through Suffering by Elisabeth Elliot.  Review

15.  How to get the most from God’s Word by John McArthur   Review


16.  In the grip of the Druids by Beth Combe Harris


I’ll shuffle the books so we don’t get similar themes coming for months in a row.

God willing we’ll have a ladies night about the 3rd week of September to give the books out.

If you are interested in reading reviews on these books I have included some links just click on the word review beside the listing.

If any of the links aren’t working just let me know.

Happy clicking and reading.