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Food Glorious Food.

Now that the holiday season is over and I have a mo I know I did promise quite a few people to direct them to recipes they requested.

So if you were looking for any of these just click as necessary – 

Naomi’s Cranberry Sausages (delicious) 

Irish Farmhouse Bake

The Apple Challah recipe is here – Thanks to Tammy for that one- I’m still making it!

Jane’s Citrus Cheesecake recipe is here.

I think the Banana Bread I made last week was the best ever – thanks to Crystal for the recipe.

The homebakes for the teachers were these.

The fudge was Carla’s recipe – Thanks Carla. With crushed candy canes and peppermint flavouring.

The Raspberry Ruffle Cheesecake goes like this.


8oz digestive biscuits

4oz margarine

4 raspberry ruffle bars

2 raspberry yogurts

1 small whipping cream

4oz icing sugar.

200g Philadelphia Cheese


Melt the marg and mix with the crushed biscuits.  Press into base.  Cream sugar and cheese. Add rest of ingredients and beat until firm.  Pour into base, leave to set and decorate with an extra bar of raspberry ruffle chopped.

I’ll try to remember to take a pic the next time I make it.

If I left something out that you had asked me to post just let me know.