Thoughts on Legoland…

Legoland, what can I say.

It’s the sort of thing that JP and I would quite easily not have done!Generally we are glad we did.  The kids enjoyed it and talk about it a lot.

Our trip was on a tight budget but we got our tickets on a Tesco deal which enabled us all to get in for £51.00 of Tesco clubcard vouchers.   I can honestly say that we wouldn’t have paid the standard rates to go there, but we’re glad we had a cheap opportunity to take the kids.

Our kids have never been to a theme park type place before unless you count Longleat which we did a few years ago.  Note to anyone who doesn’t know, Longleat is absolutely nothing like Legoland!

So it went fairly well, as with other days we packed a picnic and had loads of bottled frozen water.  It was a hot day but we had already had much warmer days in central London.   As I say the kids thoroughly enjoyed it, we took loads of pictures and in all likely hood won’t go back.  As they say it’s all about making memories.

I have to say the staff that we had interaction with were all very friendly and helpful, at all times they seemed to be moving the queues along as quickly as they could.  The park was exceptionally clean and well maintained.  It really is a fun filled day for a family.


Tips for anyone planning a trip to Legoland.

Our ticket was a day ticket, for us this was adequate even though the chances of seeing/going on everything in one day would be fairly slim.

If you want to be sure of doing everything at least once you really need more than a day ticket.

If you are on a budget you definitely want to have your own lunch even though there are loads of eating places, ice cream stops and coffee venders etc.   We bought ice creams and coffee which were expensive enough.

The park closes at 6:00pm, but the thing is all the rides stopped about this time but you could still look around.  When it turned 6 we went to view the miniland  and played for ages in the park.  That way you could use the earlier time for the rides.

We were tipped off that the queues to get out of the carpark at 6 were unreal so it is actually much wiser to wait much later to leave.  The shops at the entrance were also all open long after 6.  We left after 7 and there was still a bit of a tail back to get onto the main road.

Likewise for central London, I wouldn’t be bothered with a buggy wait till they are old enough to walk.

If waiting is not your thing, be warned the queues can be long – most of the locals we met said the queues were NOT long as the English school holidays hadn’t started, I’m glad we weren’t there later.  There is a facility to queue jump but I can just imagine what it costs!

One thing we probably did wrong was to start at the top, it may have been wiser to head on down the hill to some of the things further from the entrance first (which would probably have had less queues), then work your way back.

If you’ve been to Legoland, feel free to leave your own tips for others.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Legoland…

  1. My children like Legoland far more than either of their parents! We haven’t taken the little ones but there have been several requests recently. It is a bit of a rite of passage so doubtless we will go again, at some point.

    Ditto not paying full price on tickets. Nectar also have deals and there and there are usually other deals on line, however, it isn’t usually possible to combine deals.

    These places are definitely to be avoided in the school summer hols and can get very, very hot! We were there on the hottest day in 2006 when I was pregnant and it was most uncomfortable.

    Very small children can go on very few rides so it is worth checking heights before taking younger ones.

    1. Ah Sarah, your first comment made me laugh! I guess we have too much in common! Great extra tips for anyone googling though. Thanks.

  2. Your the thriftiest person I know! Thanks for sharing the tips. 🙂 Hubby and I are finding out more and more how parenting is all about giving, sacrificing our desires for the sake of our kids. Finvoy Fun Farm anyone?? 😉 It’s wonderful how even when we’re somewhere we wouldn’t have picked as our first choice, we can get so much joy out of the kids responses. Makes it all worth it!

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