London with kids……

So the second half of our trip was spent in London for a week.

A friend asked me the other day “Would you do London again with kids?” – why would he ask this?I think it’s probably because of the busyness, the heat, the crowds, the underground etc etc etc

… and so the question is would we?  I’d say yes and I know hubby would too.


Our youngest is 3 almost 4 and a good walker.  There was never any hope that I was going to do London transport with a buggy so this was probably the first year we would have done this trip.  The older 3 are thankfully great walkers too and don’t tend to grumble about miles covered on foot.  I think they appreciated and were thankful for the opportunity and took in all they could.


No 4 did really well,  he did get tired, generally on the return journey, thankfully.  He did get the odd carry but we were very pleased at how he coped with the extra walking in the heat and of course ice cream did help.

My tips on travelling in London with kids:

If you are going to London with kids for a holiday I’d say either do it when they are small enough to be on your back/front or big enough to walk.


We bought a backpack style strap before we left and I’d say it was money well spent, it also turned out useful in Devon for crab fishing 🙂

Carry bottles of frozen water when travelling – you really never know how long you may have to sit on the bus train due to delays etc, we carried bottles of frozen water as well as our picnics every day.

Stop!  Have a break, be it a picnic or a stop for ice cream/coffee.  Kids are great at recharging their energy if they just lie on the grass for a while, paddle in a pool or  even just get 5 minutes in a play park to remember they don’t need to sleep.

Take the best routes – some of my friends pointed me in the direction of the most direct routes which may not be the most obvious.  Talk to someone who knows London to make sure you aren’t sitting on the underground in the middle of summer for unnecessary time.

Avoid rush hour and there abouts! – The first day we arrived in Victoria Station just after rush hour and things were still very hectic, it probably wasn’t a good first experience of the underground for some of the kids.  We let 2 tube trains pull out before we got on the third.

Plan and enjoy – there is so much to see and do and remember it’s a holiday it has to be fun – don’t overdo it!


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