Book Review “Aunt Jane’s Hero – by Elizabeth Prentiss

I’ve been reading a lot in relation to Elizabeth Prentiss over the past few months in preparation for our upcoming ladies study on her book “Stepping Heavenward“.  (We’ll be using this study guide).

I just finished reading another of her novels “Aunt Jane’s Hero”.  The good thing about many of Prentiss’s works is they are available for e-readers.  (Paul got a Kobo for Christmas so I think we nearly all have a book on the go on it now).  Many of her works I have looked at are free for e-readers.

Aunt Jane’s Hero is a novel telling the story of Aunt Jane and her influence in Horace’s life.  Horace isn’t actually Jane’s nephew but it turns out Jane is of such a loving character that most people call her “Aunt”.  She is a typical Titus 2 woman who you can learn much from.  Aunt Jane lovingly steers those around her to seek God’s will in all they do.  She advises and challenges mostly in areas concerning courtship and marriage.

I enjoyed reading this novel of Elizabeth Prentiss as I had only ever read “Stepping Heavenward” – certainly it does read as another “Prentiss” work and while it could be said that the heroine Maggie was beyond perfect I really appreciated many of the lessons found in the book.

I think I appreciate these novels as I find ‘modern day’ Christian Fiction too wishy washy – Elizabeth Prentiss has a gift of telling a nice story while convicting you of your sin and showing you Christ along the way.

I’m looking forward to reading more of Prentiss’s work.


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