Amy Carmichael

Amy Carmichael came from Northern Ireland and was a missionary to India for many years – you can read much of her biography here.

I’m currently reading her biography by Elisabeth Elliot – A Chance to Die.

While there are certainly some aspects of Amy’s theology which are questionable we can undoubtedly learn a lot from this Godly woman.

“Where the Will of God and the will of the flesh are in conflict there will be rough water, and if the flesh does not yield to the Spirit there must follow the painful breaking up of hopes and expectations, even as the timbers of that ship were broken up with the violence of the waves”.

“There is no promise of calm waters for any mariner, but our Lord can give the faith that can ride out against any high and proud winds and waves.  And He can come to our succour though our sea seemeth all to be on fire”.

(from Amy’s own book “Though the Mountains Shake”)

I wonder if there is a possibility that Amy Carmichael may be the female Author from Northern Ireland who has written the most books (the male being CS Lewis) – any thoughts?

I find it surprising that her writings are so little known today considering Elisabeth Elliot describes her as her first Spiritual Mother.  “For a time, I suppose, I thought she must have been perfect, and that was good enough for me.  As I grew up I knew she could not have been perfect, and that was better, for it meant that I might possibly walk in her footprints.  If we demand perfect models we will have, except for he Son of man Himself, none at all.”  Preface A Chance to Die”.

I look forward to reading more of her own writings……..


2 thoughts on “Amy Carmichael

  1. Really interested to see this review as I’ve recently read “Amy Carmichael-her life and legacy” by Elizabeth Elliot. Wonder if it is the same book with a different title?
    I was left with the same feeling about the theology but that her life and commitment are a real challenge.
    Looking forward to what you say about Elizabeth Prentiss!
    Adding your blog to my “follow” list.

  2. Hi Sarah, I think it is the same book, mine is a very old copy and on the spine only says “A chance to die” but inside just before the main part of the book it says “The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael – A Chance to Die” .

    I believe we have so much to learn from these Godly women, but many today don’t take an interest in them or their writings. I love Elizabeth Prentiss, am reading her biography AGAIN in preparation for a new study at church in the new year. Also love Selina the Countess of Huntingdon. I’ll add you to my reader too……..

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