Recipe Round-up – around the world..

Ann is hosting Recipe Round-up this week at Whatever Things it’s all happening on Thursday.

I’ve already posted quite a few Irish themed recipes at this blog so I’m going to link to them again for some ease and hopefully add some more between now and Thursday.

Irish Farmhouse Bake remains to be a firm favourite in this house.  

Farmhouse Vegetable Soup may not be exclusively Irish or even British but I’m sure it’s still very traditional in most farms round here.

Wikipedia has many links to other more traditional meals from Ireland.

This post outlines how we make champ in our house.  Although now-a-days it’s more used as a side dish – years ago it would have been the main meal on it’s own.  I still use it as main meal when I’m having a frugal night.   This is a very good video to show you how to make champ.

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6 thoughts on “Recipe Round-up – around the world..

  1. In my opinion, anything with bacon in it is anything but “bland”! How much is a rasher? A pound? I should try that Irish Farmhouse Bake for next month’s menu. 🙂

  2. A rasher of bacon is one slice, sometimes what we call bacon and what you guys call bacon can be different this might help.

    I thoroughly recommend the leeks as opposed to the mushrooms 🙂

  3. Golly, I can’t imagine only using ONE SLICE of bacon in anything–maybe because I’ve spent too much of my life in the South… 🙂 I love leeks. Mushrooms not so much.

  4. I can vouch for Mummymac, this tastes lovely – especially after scraping it off the kitchen floor – but that’s another story!

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