Works for Me, if it works for you…..

So the story is:

I had an accident with my steamer which could be read as I burnt the back side clean out of it 😦

I’m only sorry I didn’t take pictures before I disposed of my lovely wedding present.

Instead of replacing it I’m planning on putting the money  into a slow cooker.  

I’m not really sure which to go for, I was wondering if anyone could help?

I want large capacity so I’m thinking of something like this.

I’ve also noticed this type where you can cook two things simultaneously, is this a good feature?

If you could let me know which type you have and the best features it has it might help me get over the steamer incident!

Oh and while you’re here, incase I purchase soon, let me know what your best Slow Cooker recipe is that way there are no excuses.

My tip to-day is don’t just replace broken kitchenware think of how you can put the money into something else you’ve always wanted 🙂

Head over to Shannon for more Works for Me Wednesday tips.









6 thoughts on “Works for Me, if it works for you…..

  1. I’ve got the Morphy Richards one, it’s brilliant. Also, their customer service is excellent, I broke the lid knob, phoned for a replacement and got prompt delivery (faster than they’d quoted).

  2. I also have the Morphy Richards one and it is GREAT! We use it a lot for hospitality, especially since we are involved in student ministry…..they love their food! 🙂 But it is great for large quantities of food.

  3. I have a Rival Crockpot brand crockpot and I LOVE it – we bought it at Sam’s several years back and it’s been a great investment. Ours was a special package when we bought it and it came with the regular HUGE liner and also a divided liner, like you referenced above. I thought that was so cool – I’m not sure I’ve used it once…and if I have, that’s got to be about it. I just can’t ever figure out what 2 things to cook at one time…and I’ve tried, believe me! 🙂 A few must haves – get one with a liner that is removable – makes clean-up so much easier! My mom had the old school style that just had a knob that you turned between off, low & high. When we bought ours, it had gone semi-digital and has a pad that you press to select between 4 or 6 hours on high or 8 or 10 hours on low – when it finishes the cooking cycle it automatically goes into a warm mode for a certain amount of time…however, they now have ones that are programmable (for not much more money, I don’t think) and I think that would be awesome. Not long after we got ours, my sweet husband was doing something with it (I think I was out of town) and he decided it wasn’t going fast enough, so took the ceramic insert out and put it on the stove (big no no!!) and cracked it wide open. We contacted the company and ordered a new one, which was a very easy process. When it arrived, low & behold, there was also a small ceramic heater in the box as a courtesy gift…WHAT??? we were so shocked…still use it in our bathroom to this day when it’s chilly in the morning. We couldn’t believe the level of customer service. Good luck shopping!

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