Recipe Round Up – Reminder… BBB post of ’08


I’ve been a little busy for Blogging lately but I just wanted to remind you about the Recipe Round up which is all happening here, Yes I’m hosting February’s Round-up here at Home But Not Alone and the big day is Wednesday 20 February.

I’m always looking for inspiration in this department especially when I have visitors coming (which I have) so the theme is Breakfasts.

Just to make your mouth water…



(Good old Ulster Fry, sometimes known here as Heart Attack on a plate) !!

There probably are some folks in Northern Ireland who do cook this every day but it’s an occasional treat in our house.


So get your thinking caps on and hit me with enough recipes to feed the five thousand for as many days 🙂

I’m looking for handy, dandy Breakfast inspiration. Give me throw it all together in a few moments recipes and give me the stick it in the oven the night before too.

I can’t wait to see what your families favourite breakfast dish is!


The good news is ……..

I’m following Pensive’s idea and I’m giving away one of my cookbooks (who needs them all anyway) to one participant. To increase your chances of winning, post a reminder now as well as a Recipe post and let me know you’ve done so.

Please make plans to link your recipe here between now and the 20th. When you have posted on your site e-mail me at

elainewallacecalvin at in the usual format or leave me a comment on this blog with your URL and I’ll include you in the BBB – BIG BLOGGY BREAKFAST post of 08!

I’ll keep adding more links that day as I receive them!

Any more questions? Rebecca usually has the answer 🙂

If not just ask in the comments.

See you back here on the 20th,



13 thoughts on “Recipe Round Up – Reminder… BBB post of ’08

  1. Mmmm, you’re making me hungry. Did Daddymac make this one?
    One of my favourite breakfasts is muesli with a dollop of yoghurt and a nice mix of fresh fruit on top. Very healthy and pretty handy too, especially if you have some chopped fruit prepared already.

  2. Laura the details are above – either as you say is fine – my e-mail address is in the post 🙂

    Thanks for taking part.

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