Big Turkey Leggy..

So it’s Work’s for me Wednesday over at Rocks in my Dryer to-day and it’s the Backwards Edition which basically means instead of giving a tip we get to ask for one.
And so…
The season of Turkey and Ham is over it’s time to clear out of freezers of all the leftovers and I have come across 2 of my star buys 🙂
What do you think of this?
Pretty gross, I know.
This Turkey leg weights 4lb, my butcher reckons it must have come off a 35 – 40 lb Turkey. I love the brown meat of the Turkey so I always buy a couple of extra legs. I usually buy 4 but these were so big I restrained myself for the sake of the freezer shelves 🙂
Ever year I do the same thing with these – I just make stew. Normally I fry off the leg in my soup pan and and add loads of vegetables, let it all simmer like for ever then remove the join, take the meat off and return the meat to the stew.
So you know what’s coming – the one shown above is roasting in the oven at the minute as I just couldn’t fit it into any of my pans for stew!
I’ll make stew with it later.
So have you any ideas – what way could I cook the other joint that would be real tasty and something different?
If I use your suggestion I’ll post some photos.
While you are here, perhaps you could also offer a suggestion for cleaning the good old Pampered Chef Square Baker, yes I know all the rules but let’s be honest, it ain’t easy posting such a looking dish on a blog 😉
Thanks for all the advice,
Be sure to check over at Shannon’s for loads of other bloggers looking for advice.

4 thoughts on “Big Turkey Leggy..

  1. No advice on the turkey leg, but I think your Pampered Chef baker looks well seasoned and well loved.

    You’ll know why I say that when you see my Pampered Chef baking bowl in my Beef Curry post.

    In my opinion, the uglier the better with stoneware. After I clean mine up, I bake it in the oven at 350 degrees (180 for you) for about 10 minutes to season it.

  2. Do something Mexican. What’s not to love about Mexican? Maybe Turkey Tomatillo Enchallada’s, or Turkey, black bean and rice Mexican casserole. I’m making these up as I go along, but you could fine recipes at FoodNetwork or
    Good Luck!!

  3. When I get turkey pieces for a good price I stock up a bit and put them all in a big roast pan with some water and seasoning as well as a couple of quartered onions. When they are done I remove all the meat from the bones, cut it up and freeze it in portions to make turkey pot pie or turkey fried rice or turkey curry. It makes for several quick meals later on. Let me know if you would like the recipe for any of these things.


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