Spiritual Disciplines within the church.

21k1wvrzx1l_aa115_.jpgWe’ve just finished working our way through this book in our Adult Sunday School class at Church. Donald Whitney in his book Spiritual Disciplines within the Church opens up many questions Christians may have especially in the realm of searching out a church to attend.

Some of the chapter headings include:

Why go to Church?

Why join a Church?

Why worship with the Church?

Why witness with the Church?

Why serve in the Church?

Why give to the Church?

Why attend the ordinances of the Church?

Why fellowship with the Church?

Why learn in the Church?

Why research the Church?

In a world committed to self-seeking and the thirst for individual rights, it is hard to create a genuine community based on self-sacrifice and mutual commitment – but that is just what the church must do.

Don Whitney shows how the local church can build a sense of community and turn church people from passive attendees into active participants.

I can thoroughly recommend this book to any searching for their place within a church or searching for a Biblical church to attend.



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