Shannon is having a themed WFMW to-day and the theme is TWDIFE (The “What do I fix edition?”).

To quote Shannon this means “It’s 5:15 pm, the kids are hungry, you have a headache, hubby is almost home, and the pantry has three things in it. What is your BEST last-minute meal recipe? Share with everybody this week”.

One of the real cop out meals in this house is Fritatta. Like if you’ve got a carton (or two) of eggs in the house and something to throw at them, your winning.

So our rules for Fritatta are – oh yea there are no rules.

Mix up your eggs as if your making an omelette. Get the pan on, add whatever else you have in your fridge to the pan ie.

bacon, onion, tomato, mushrooms, corn, peppers, ham, chicken, the list is surely endless….

then when these things are cooked through add your eggs and cook through – I sometimes finish off the top under the grill.


Check out over at Shannon’s for a whole host of last minute recipes.



2 thoughts on “Fritatta..

  1. I love making these. My favorite is to beat a little parmasean with the egg. Drain and heat some asparagus (I use canned and heating helps get rid of some of the excess water), pour in the beaten egg and presto, 5 minute dinner.

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