Yes I am Blogging about Books again…

I’ve decided to throw my lot in with all the other Readers over at Katrina’s Blog Callapidder Days and join in on the Fall into Reading Challenge.

Again it’s just another way to encourage reading over the “Fall” or “really blustry weather” as we call it over here šŸ˜‰

So my list will obviously involve my books I’m due from the Roundabout plus a few others I’m striving to read before Christmas.

A Song for all Seasons

Learning to be Happy

First Love

Let me be a Woman

The Regulative Principle of Worship

Love and Respect

Leading little ones to God I’m reading this to the kids in the morning before school.

Pilgrims Progress I’m currently reading this version to the kids in the car. (When I’m NOT driving!)

I would truly love to list more but I’m trying to be realistic and to be honest if I got through these books between now and December I’ll be well pleased.

Click on over to Katrina’s – you’ll be so impressed with the number of people joining in and the number of books you’ve never heard off in your life šŸ™‚


** Added 23 October – I’ve been getting on quite well and a friend let me borrow this so I decided to add One Tuesday Morning **

** 27 October – Went to the library last night and found another gem so had to add it too Disciplines of a Godly Woman (In progress) **


9 thoughts on “Yes I am Blogging about Books again…

  1. Great list and it gives me some new books to check out. Tonight my husband and I will begin reading “Love and Respect”. I read the first chapter last night (I was anxious to start šŸ™‚ ) and I really enjoy it so far. Thanks for sharing your list. Have a blessed day.

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