The holiday read….

This is the book I read while away.

Selina, Countess of Huntingdonp8220165.jpg by Faith Cook. (click on the image)

This book was recommended by a friend and because of it’s size I decided to keep it for the holidays.

What an excellent read. I have to say it did take me the whole two weeks to read it but it was worth the time taken.

Faith Cook is an excellent author, I have read many of her other books. This book gives a great insight into The Countess’s role in the 18th Century Evangelical Awakening. And not being a great reader of history (as I’ve mentioned before) it was a great book to get a clear idea of what was happening in Great Britain at that time.

There is much in the book which could be considered as controversial. I wondered about her spending so much time away from her family as she continued to plant churches. There was also no doubt she took very much a leading role in her day. (In the reformed church of to-day we see the womens role as not being a leading one). I would value the comments of any who have studied her life or read this book.

So as mentioned there are a few areas to ponder but wow what this woman accomplished in the Lord’s work in her life-time could surely only be commended. She had a driving passion that in this day and age we can only yearn for.

So why do we know so little about her – her own request was that no biography of her life would be made and therefore none was attempted until 50 years after her death. Faith Cook’s hope is that through this book we may catch something of Selina’s fervour and devotion to the service of God and that being so that Selina would excuse her for writing the biography.



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