Robert E Lee – Introduction to Quotes.

images-2.jpeg As I continue to prepare for our family holiday I’m trying to complete my reading schedule for our church reading roundabout. I hadn’t included this book (Robert E Lee The Christian by William J Johnson) in the sidebar as I couldn’t find it on Amazon when I was compiling that list but this is my current read anyway.

Regardless, this is a great book. I have little knowledge of American history and am enjoying learning in short bursts these days. The one thing that impresses me about this man is his yearning for his family to honor the Lord in all that they do. Shouldn’t this be the cry of all our hearts?

I’m only at chapter seven but have already come across various quotes I want to remember.images-3.jpeg

Saturday February 27 1847 in a letter to his sons (aged 14 & 10)
“I shall not feel my long separation from you, if I find that my absence has been of no injury to you, and that you have both grown in goodness and knowledge, as well as stature. But, ah! how much I will suffer on my return, if the reverse has occurred! You enter all my thoughts, into all my prayers; and on you, in part, will depend whether I shall be happy or miserable, as you know how much I love you. You must do all in your power to save me pain”.

I was thinking of this in regard to our own children, it shouldn’t surprise us that they don’t see that it’s because we love them so much that they can potentially cause us so much pain.

How many families do you know (even in Christian circles) where the parents have been caused so much pain because their children turned away from the things of God?

Praying that God would humble us to realise we must plead with him for the souls of our children and daily instruct them in the way they should go.

When General Lee wrote this letter he was sailing to Mexico and was potentially going to be away from home for a long period, yet the letter and his prayers show us his heart was concerned with the Spiritual growth of his children.

What are you concerned for with regard to your children?



2 thoughts on “Robert E Lee – Introduction to Quotes.

  1. If you ever have questions about American history, you can visit me at my blog and ask. I just finished AP (advanced placement) American History last year, so I should have at least some answers. Hahaha!

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