Pampered Chef round-up…

Kim mentioned Pampered Chef products in a post the other day and it got me all thinking in Pampered-Chef-mode again.

I have been to and hosted a Pampered Chef party and so have gathered up a few of their products by now. I suppose like most other kitchen gadgets they come and go and sometimes you don’t use them as much as you were absolutely sure you would when you saw them being demonstrated ๐Ÿ˜‰

Come on admit it, we ladies are all the same.

I thought it might be fun to compare what products we have and suggest new ways of using our purchases. I love my products but sometimes I lack imagination.

I have the Classic Batter Bowl and the Classic Scraper and I reckon they are great products and are used here daily, mostly for batters, storing mixes and beating cream but I have also made this birthday cake for Princessmac using it, as it is oven-poof to 180C. Excellent product. (Yes I did break the legs off!)


I also love my Square Baker and my Round Stone from the Stoneware range. I did own a Rectangular Baker until my 2 year old decided to change it into 12 pieces of Stone instead of 1 ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

I appreciate having the measure-all cup as it’s great for making American recipes without having to convert everything into our equivalents (Grams and Ounces). The kids love using the pastry blender (is that what it’s called, I couldn’t find it on their site) and I also use the Rice cooker 2-3 times a week.

This microwave cooker I use for cooking all my Rice, Pasta and Potatoes unless the amounts are so large they wouldn’t fit in it. I love using it for boiling my potatoes as it means I don’t have to stand and watch the saucepan in case it boils over. I just give it 22 minutes in the microwave and know they will be cooked. When I’m feeding 5 adults (instead of 2 adults & 3 kids) unfortunately it probably won’t have the capacity to fill us but never the less it works for me at the minute. I remember being told you can also bake cakes in the microwave using the microwave rice cooker too but I haven’t tried that yet, I mean how do you know how long to cook them for?

My first purchase was the Mini-Muffin pan (oh yea we were just going to eat muffins like there was no tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and though we do love those Pecan Tassies and Choc-chip muffins made in it, I haven’t really used this product for much else.

So can you give a girl a few more ideas?

What are your favourite Pampered Chef recipes? I know the net is coming down with Pampered Chef ideas but I like the ones that have been tested and tried ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you tell me yours – I’ll tell you mine………

What are your favourite products?I always did fancy one of these.

If Daddymac should ever let me go to another party what is your must have by Pampered Chef?

Off to count my pennies……



12 thoughts on “Pampered Chef round-up…

  1. Stoneware. That’s what I like the most. I have two large bar pans and I use them for everything. I use them for cookies, roasted potatoes, chicken drumsticks. They are a breeze to clean up.

    I also like their chopper for onioins.

  2. I love their classic scrapers – Wal-mart just can’t touch their quality! I also use the Measure-All Cup that can be used to measuring liquids and solids (that you push out of the cup so that you get it all! But my latest find that I LOVE is the Mix’n Chop that helps break up ground beef as you cook it. I have a post going up about this item soon – check my site later in the week!

  3. Hi. Thanks for visiting today. I love Pampered Chef! So fun. My favorite is their spatulas. They are so sturdy. They cut right through a pan of thick brownies.

  4. my must have – the can opener. love that beast.
    i also have the pizza cutter… works great. lol.
    i’m more of a tool buyer than a novelty item thing, i guess, lol.

  5. Hi, I was doing a google search for pictures and stumbled upon this. If you go to and look under products > recipes > recipe search, you can search for recipes based on tools. So, if you have a tool you want to use but can’t remember how or why, try this! I’m actually a consultant for The Pampered Chef, so email me if you want me to send you a link to my website – I’m not allowed to post it on blogs. My email is ~Jessica

  6. My favorite item is the pizza stone! Love it, love it, love it!

    Since you are a parent, the cut-and-seal is a GREAT item. You can use it to make crust-less sandwiches. Great for PB&J. Kids love them! You can even make up extra sandwiches ahead of time and freeze them to pack in lunches. Great product!

    Alicia Smith

  7. I have the large micro cooker, but have never used it. Can I boil potatoes in it? If so, what is the procedure?

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