Friday Feast


Well folks school’s out here and so we’re celebrating – I haven’t much inspiration for blogging as it’s been all go here with play-group sports day and school out early. Busy mummy time….

I have been watching this Friday’s Feast meme for a few weeks and decided I would wait till I liked the sound of the questions before I joined in 😀

The idea is you answer the questions to let your readers know more about you … well you’ll get the idea……


How many pieces of jewellery do you wear most days?

3 rings and a watch – with the odd necklace thrown in!


What is your favourite instrumental song?

At the moment – Hubert Parry’s JERUSALEM


Who has a last name that you like?

Hubby!! (If you had a maiden name like mine you would be quite happy with a semi-normal surname!!) – sorry dad!

Main course

Name a popular movie you’ve never seen.

Amazing Grace – It may not be that popular but I really do want to see it.


Fill in the blank: Nothing makes me ……………. like ……………….

Nothing makes me smile like my kids can!

And so ends my first meal….. We’re eating at a friends to-night and it’s great not having to think about what to cook, but I really enjoyed my first blog meal!!



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