Just sitting on the shelf….

images4.jpgThe ladies at our church have been trying out a reading schedule this year. We call it the reading roundabout and the idea came from a Godly Pastor’s wife of a sister congregation in USA.

The idea is we have 13 ladies, 13 books and 13 months in which to read them. We each have 1 book for 1 month and swap at the end of each month.We started this at the beginning of September and will be finished our first year at the end of September this year. We hope to get together to discuss the books at some stage. I can hardly believe we have completed so many books already.

I have found the reading schedule has helped me to stick to a reading list as I just slot the reading roundabout books into my own reading list. When I get my new book I read it first as there is always the time pressure as at the end of the month someone will be waiting on it.

Anyway – Why am I telling you all this? Enough of the ladies in our church have told me this has been an encouragement to them as they wouldn’t consider themselves readers. This is a great way to get people to read books they would never normally lift off the shelves. The book I have this month is one my husband has had on his shelf for years and I just “never have got round to reading it” I mean books look nice on shelves but isn’t it so much nicer when we can say “Yea I’ve read it”!



7 thoughts on “Just sitting on the shelf….

  1. I am one of the 13 who is doing the reading roundabout. I have
    read books I perhaps would not have thought of buying.
    Its hard to choose my favourite ones as I have enjoyed them all
    so far.
    If you read this well I would like to tell you of three you must
    The wife of C H Spurgeon
    Bitesize theology by Peter Jeffery
    Great conversions by Frederick S. Leahy

  2. Yea I have had those 3 already too Ingrid – I enjoyed them each for different reasons.
    My favourites so far have probably been Don’t waste your life by John Piper and also the one
    about Mrs Spurgeon by Charles Ray too because she accomplished so much more
    than just being “the Pastor’s wife”.

  3. we’re planning on starting our own reading group in Sept. as well—-thanks for the great idea—our ladies are excited πŸ™‚

    ks πŸ™‚

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