A trifle tasty…


I grew up thinking this was the only way to make trifle – then I realised that most people have a very time-consuming way of getting a similar result. This way worked for my mum call it a family tradition – but we love it too ….

1 tin of fruit cocktail drained

a swiss roll tesco_raspberry_swiss_roll.jpg ( this is the type I mean)

1 raspberry jelly images.jpeg

1 carton whipping cream whipped

1 portion of custard (this is the easy way)

chocolate flake or toasted almonds to decorate.

Melt the Jelly according to the packet instructions (usually makes up to 1 pint). Cut up the sponge and place in serving bowl along with the drained fruit and the jelly now in liquid form. Allow to set in the fridge. Add the custard to the whipped cream and top the jelly with it. Decorate as required.



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