Eating outdoors tip….

wfmwheader_161.jpgThis week my tip is when you are eating outdoors. Put your sun umbrella through the centre of a kitchen roll before inserting the pole through the table. This will leave it easy accessible and stop it blowing away.

Head on over to Shannon’s for more Works-for-me-Wednesday tips.


6 thoughts on “Eating outdoors tip….

  1. I had to re-read this tip several times because I was thinking “huh? why do you wanna do that? How’s that gonna stop the umbrella blowing away? And why would you want to look at an empty roll of kitchen roll?” And then it clicked – it’s to stop the roll blowing away, and the roll’s not empty!!!
    Genius idea 🙂
    We don’t have a sun umbrella at the moment, but if I ever do I will have to try to remember this tip.
    (In my defense I am really tired, you explained it great, I was just having a stupid moment!)

  2. Debs – please don’t worry – I did reckon it was a really short post – maybe I should have
    explained it more!!
    If you saw the weather here you would wonder why on earth I was posting a tip like that.
    (Check about 2 posts back from WFMW)



  3. Due to my present condition (!blame that anyway!) I was thinking the same as Debs!! That is so funny! Glad I’m not the only person having a senior moment! It actually is a cool idea – now that I understand the idea!


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