Little house…..

Princessmac is four and a half. She’s cool. She loves organising the boys and being involved in everything. She goes to “big” school in September and is looking forward to that BIG TIME.

She can’t read yet though she is doing well with her letter recognition and phonics. She is longing to be a reader like her big brother.

She will sit and listen to almost anything being read but like every other princess she has her favourites. Snow White, Cinderella etc. We love them all. Keeping the balance she tends towards the more feminine Bible stories than her brothers so we go with Esther, Lydia, Mary and Martha. You know the score.

But there comes a stage in every little girls life when there is one particular set of books that must be introduced and sure enough having seen the DVD and been given a first book from the series she’s hooked. We have only read it about 1487 times (I try not to exagerate) and the other day she said it herself “Mummy, I do love this Little House on the Play-Area” !!



3 thoughts on “Little house…..

  1. well she is in the smae boat as her mate merv he cant read either and he is 24 ha ha just
    kidding, i think jenni perhaps should put away childishs things just winding ya

  2. I absolutely love the Little House books. I have read them over and over and continue to read them occasionally as an adult. They were the first series books I introduced to my children.
    Your daughter will have many years joy reading them ahead of her.

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