Delegate …

Shannon over at Rocks in my dryer hosts good old Works-for-me-Wednesday, now if you need a few tips that’s the place to go. This week it’s special tips she’s looking for, for the “Mom I’m bored” edition (in light of the school holidays!).

My tip this week is a book called The Dangerous book for Boys. Daddymac bought this book a few months ago as he needed to use up a voucher. (It was half price in Waterstones for all you UK bargain seekers). Now I have actually come across quite a few posts about this book on blogs recently and as I am hoping this book will work for me this summer I reckoned it warranted a Works-for-me-Wednesday post.

This book contains everything for a boy to be a boy and for a daddy to teach him to be a man. The men in your house will love it. (My guys want to take the wheels off the pram to make the go-cart as listed on page 91!!) My son doesn’t allow me to look at it, “It’s a boy book mummy”!! So I hope this works for you, get daddy involved this summer! Head on over to Shannon’s for more tips.



6 thoughts on “Delegate …

  1. Wow! Looks really good! Of course, I had to check ebay just to see, and there are a few on there at the moment.


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