Zoo update…

Well we did go to the Zoo to-day, it wasn’t ever going to be tomorrow, I just don’t know of any songs called “Daddies taking us to the Zoo to-day” and I realised to late that I should have posted the song yesterday:)


Anyway, the good news is we all got home in one piece as in no-one got ate by the lions or trampled by the elephants. Neither did anyone fall into the duck pond (thankfully) but that didn’t stop us all arriving back at the cars like drowned rats. Oh yea the weather sorted that out.

We didn’t grumble, we didn’t moan, the kids were happy, we kept smiling and repeating “the veggies need the rain” “the veggies need the rain”.

We left the ring-tailed lemur’s in-situ (Daddymac was content with his photos), mind you we did bring home a spider monkey and a rattle snake:( They’re in bed and believe me I really don’t want to disturb them so I’ll post some pics later.

Good to have the Sunday School weeked come to an end with a successful prize night on Friday night and a wet but successful day out to-day. Praise God for Sunday School teachers who have such endurance!

Have a good Lord’s Day


P.S. She is nice isn’t she?


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Hi I'm 35+ but still 40-, married, 3 children, and live in Northern Ireland. I am a pastor, and you can describe be a confessional, Calvinistic, cessantianist, amillenial, and definitely not even slightly "emerging".

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