The problem with books…

2 highlights of our “book” year are when we attend a library sale and when Daddymac returns from a pastors conference laden down with new books.

The former is a great opportunity to give the kids a varied library of their own books (and also for Mummymac and Daddymac to pick up a few bargains), the later is an opportune occasion to purchase Biblical aids on the recommendation of others.

The problem with books is storage, many people ask me where do you put them all? At the minute things aren’t so bad but I do acknowledge that if things keep going the way they are something is going to have to give. Remembering that the kids are 6, 4 and 2 the potential for many more books in this house is vast.

I’ve just realised recently that we have 5 full size bookcases in our house and many other purpose built shelves.

This is a plea from the heart……..

What’s your ideas for storing books? Have you any novel ways to keep them neat and tidy? Let me know your ideas and if I use them I’ll post pictures of the finished results!






About Paul

Hi I'm 35+ but still 40-, married, 3 children, and live in Northern Ireland. I am a pastor, and you can describe be a confessional, Calvinistic, cessantianist, amillenial, and definitely not even slightly "emerging".

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